Getting real; staying clear

The movement in removing

I had been searching for God all of my life. I read hundreds of books, lived a religious life and even had occasional mystical experiences. Practicing law hadn’t made me feel powerful, or even effective, as I thought it would. I was a heartbroken lover and unable to sustain a conscious relationship. And, I wasn’t conscious myself, because I couldn’t stop drinking. And it no longer worked to kill the pain.

If I was to live, I had to know life differently. I had to know God.

From a lonely hotel room on a cold January day,I cried out, “What is in the way God?” And immediately, I felt a movement inside of me and it was warm. I heard, “go naked.”

So, I did. I didn’t pack a bag and I had a few loose dollars in my pocket. I didn’t take a phone, but I did accept a ride from strangers. I had no idea where I was going, and I didn’t know a soul. So, I followed the movement because I believed that it would lead me to God. And she did.

This blog is an invitation to an amazing story and to a new perspective on power, conscious connection and emotional sobriety. My journey was inspired by Mary Magdalene and now I know why I felt compelled to know her all of my life, even though I wasn’t Catholic and had no rational explanation for such a burning passion.

When Michelangelo was asked how he could sculpt something as beautiful as David, he replied,

“All I really did was chip away the unessential.”

Follow this blog and I’ll show you why that is true.

Jesus said,

“I make no difference between he who loves me with his spotless purity and he who loves me in the sincere contrition of a heart reborn to Grace” Mary Magdalene by Maria Valtorta, Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl., 2004, p64.



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