Getting real; staying clear

Catch and Release

There is something that I would die for, and I die daily to get it. Freedom. I don’t fight others for it though, it is usually something within me blocking the light, that I need to let go. It isn’t always easy, and it isn’t always pretty. Maybe that is why I’ve been captivated by my friend’s moving story of a field mouse rescue.

Mike found him outside while he was doing something on the lawn, and brought him in. He was tiny and ugly, and probably would have died without Mike’s amazing triage and continued care. I watched Mike’s posts of his progress; feeding by eye dropper, heated cage with perfect fiber blankets, and later, more solid food. Captivated, I looked forward to the growth reports. This week, Mike set him free, and said this:



[among my sisters] I had to take one last picture and cage him to do it.

As I last saw him, vital & healthy as can be. I had him for 4 weeks. He spent more time on the run of late ; / I really did not want to talk about it, nearly embarrassed, he’d outsmarted me. Felt like a little like a dumbs!t.

Well… I noticed him watching me i approached gently offered my hand after several times, over about 5 minutes he finally walked into my hands, I slowly put him (in my tank top) what a laugh, you’d have loved it (it was not so bad) and walked outside on the deck.

I then let him check it out, (absorb it for about 15 minutes) told him that it was a big world, it bought that he was ready for it, not to mess it up. It is funny with his big ole ears and eyes he sat on the edge of my hand scanning the horizon and twitching every time a dog barked in the background.

I gently placed him on (warm) the concrete deck. He bolted under the bushes. I did it, successfully raised and released him, it worked… : )

  • Little Shit sm.png
    Why did I cry when I read this story? Because he prepared that little guy for, “the big old world out there”, and told him not to mess it up. That sounded like a chorus of confidence to me that I wish I had heard when I left home; the one I was born into and the others that I joined along the way.
    It is Nelson Mandela‘s birthday today, and I didn’t know that before the inspiration for this post started swirling in my brain. No wonder that it did though, because we are all a part of the one consciousness; the infinite intelligence that vibrates life and love and light. I have felt the pulse of that vital force and know that its signature is love and freedom, NOT control and fear. I have the earned the stripes in my fight for freedom, and it was all an inside job. It took me years to feel my way out of negative ideas that had kept me hostage. It was possible because I wanted the greatest freedom; to know how God sees me. I’ve been as jumpy as this little mouse at times, but God didn’t punish me for it. The more I know of God, the more I fall in love with God because God designed freedom. God wants me to want God, so that I can choose, grow up, and be set free.
    Nelson Mandela spent years in prison and yet retained an essential freedom of spirit. This week, I was freed from something that still had its grips on my spirit, and I am in awe of the Grace of God that delivered the opportunity. That is a loving God that shows me a way to discern real love, and be fed by it. We’re all doing time in some way or another, but we can chose love and freedom anytime too. It just takes a little courage, a step into the unknown, and a willingness to be fully ourselves. Yes, the greatest freedom is to be as God created you to be, nothing more, and nothing less.

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