Getting real; staying clear

The Poise of Pause

I’ve heard myself tell several people to breathe this week, as they shared moments of pain or  heaviness in conversation. I’m not fond of telling people what to do, but the word came out of my mouth like a breath, and I couldn’t take it back.

Breath is a blessing from heaven that infuses life. One of my friends reminded me to do this not so long ago, when I was facing something terrible, and you know what? I survived, and something terrible wasn’t so bad, because it passed through me. In the past, the thought of something terrible would take my breath away and send me running, or paralyze me with worry. I hadn’t learned to become a witness to my thoughts; I bought the lie that my mind ruled the show. So, I was a reactive being in the world bouncing off many things that threatened my security, and I made a mess of several significant relationships, and almost a career. Back then, I though what was outside of me; a friend, a lover, a boss or a judge, had the power to destroy me.

Thank you God, I did some inner excavations and brought the scary thoughts into the light for transformation. It’s not that I’m not afflicted negative thoughts from time to time, but I know what feeling good feels like , and I guard that feeling like the Hope Diamond. All beautiful things in my life have arisen from the good, not the guilty or the frightened. Today, I know how to return to the good, and it’s where I abide.

I started this journey to know what is real. I know that is love. I probably went to Law School, ran for Judge and taught a bunch of other really smart people, so you would think me a credible witness when I said that love is all that really matters. No matter, I guess. I’ve stopped trying to prove anything, I am assuming it is true.

Here’s a beautiful song about breath. It’s from the woman who God gave to humanity to show us how it’s done.


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  1. Dorrie

    Rich and beautiful

    October 13, 2012 at 4:02 pm

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