Getting real; staying clear

The Embrace

Light emerging from behind clouds

The first print-on-demand-version of GOING NAKED BEING SEEN is now available in the CreateSpace Store. It will be available in all Amazon stores within approximately one week. It takes some time for this distribution, and I apologize that I didn’t know that before now. In the meantime, enjoy the read, and consider writing a review on Amazon. God Bless your holidays with Peace and love and light.

This is it, “Going Naked Being Seen” the first official print-on-demand collaboration with MaryAnn Fry , for a book associated with Saint Julian Press. There will be more to come in 2013. Please congratulate MaryAnn Fry on offering this book in book form. On the back cover and inside of course, you will see Saint Julian Press shown as the publisher. We worked extra hard to get this out in time for Christmas. Peace – Ron Starbuck, CEO – Saint Julian Press.

The snow fell quietly on a dark morning as I lit candles for my morning ritual. I felt the power of stillness like no other morning, because storms around here stop life in its tracks. I remembered too, that 7 years ago, I couldn’t feel the power of that silence, because  a violent and nasty voice screamed inside of me. I would learn later that the voice was my own distorted and pained thinking, but it had gotten so dark, for so long, that I thought  it a demon. That’s when I wanted to die, and, when I almost did. Having holidays like Christmas approach when one feels trapped in darkness, is enough to put any soldier of inner wars, over the edge. I couldn’t be more grateful that I did what I didn’t want to do when I thought I wanted to die back then; I asked for, and accepted help. For a few weeks after I got it, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen if I stayed alive, but I began to rest in the embrace of something larger than myself, even if I couldn’t see it, or know what to call it. I chose to believe it was loving, and that I would be restored to something alive in its care. I was willing to live out of despair.

GOING NAKED BEING SEEN is uploading in the Amazon store now, and will likely be available for purchase by the Winter Solstice, at least in the United States. I thank God for orchestrating this detail, because it was God that reminded me to ask for help from my publisher this morning, when an issue arose that I couldn’t fix myself. It was a good reminder to me of the Grace that has been with me every moment of my life, but that I only came to acknowledge when I refused to allow darkness to destroy me and stopped believing I had to manage everything myself.

Little birds fed on my porch as I looked out on the snow-covered street, and watched the Sun rise. My heart rose with the Sun this morning, because I feel so alive, and well and happy. I am so grateful to release this book to the World now, because it has a message of such hope and good news. The darkness is fading; the light approaches. Please let that light and life and love embrace you. Especially if you are feeling scared, or alone. You are never alone.

I did what every writer likely does after they finish a major writing project, I cleaned my desk. I walked away to make some coffee and found a tiny white feather on my laptop, and I swear, I have no idea where it came from. None. The birds outside are brown; I have nothing inside with feathers; at least not close to my laptop.

So, I finally just stopped that voice in my head that wanted to disbelieve in Angels, and miracles and gifts of simple Grace, and I said “thank you.” I put the feather on my altar, just for today. There will be other gifts to place there, I am sure.

I thank those that have touched me with your grace, your help, and your love. I thank all of you that are brave enough to ask for help if you need it too.

I thank God for everything, because it all comes from the Creator.

I’m including a link to a Silent Unity Prayer Line. They took my call one fateful morning, and held me in a loving embrace until help arrived.

I will update this post as the book becomes available for sale. I will also be going “home” to family in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas for Christmas, because I need a rest, and an embrace that I can return. I’ve been too long away from many that I love. I wish you all the most Blessed of holidays, as you embrace what matters most to you too. I’ll post again when I return, hopefully just before the New Year. I’ll tell you what I found on the farm, and what I discovered while I was away.

And Blackbird, by Sarah McLachlan



2 responses

  1. Dorrie

    Just gorgeous!
    Thank you for being you
    For being so full of Grace full acknowledgement
    For joining hands with all of us with our treasure trove of Light in the form of story music gifted by our own soul returning from the deep with Great Joy to share with all.
    A fabulous family re union

    Blessing love and merry christmas

    December 20, 2012 at 11:32 pm

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