Getting real; staying clear

Stories as Blessing

4 Marc Chagall (1887-1985) Lovers In MoonA blessing is more than saying nice things to another and wishing them well. Blessings move the life, light and love of God. Storytelling is a blessing, and it heals. Jesus did it, and so do sages, prophets and writers. Stories carry more than words; they create connection and impart hope.

We are all capable of blessing others, simply by being present and giving someone our attention. I’ve lived my way into the value of that. I’m gifting my surgeon with one of my favorite books by Dr. Rachael Naomi Remen, My Grandfather’s Blessings, Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Belonging, because he was so kind, and competent and fun  when I was really vulnerable. The book is full of wisdom stories that Dr. Remen collected through her own life experience, and it inspires me to read them. This is what Dr. Remen concluded on the last page of her book:

It has been said that sometimes we need a story more than food in order to live. For generation after generation in the ritual of Seder, first the soul is fed by the story. Then we eat the chicken soup. My Grandfather’s Blessings, page 374

It’s my hope that my surgeon feels strengthened by my own speedy and effortless recovery, and these wisdom stories. Life is also art; especially surgery, and one is a far better artist when they create from deep places of meaning. I’m a better writer because life taught me the value of stories, and the wisdom they impart.

Going Naked Being Seen is free on Kindle February 14 and 15 in a promotion with 6 other extraordinary women’s stories. I have such respect for the way these women live, and the way they write too. Working with them to publish and promote my book has strengthened me, given me refuge from fear and fatigue, and allowed me to belong to something wise and alive. I’m asking you to bless them by downloading all of them, and to bless yourself by reading them. Bless others by sharing them, because they are food for the soul.

Our promotion is only on Facebook, but I’m including the links to each of their books. If you are so moved, please write a review on Amazon because that helps our books sell.

Here’s the link for mine. You can download the Kindle application for any device at this page too.
Happy Valentine’s Day. Feel the love, and share it too.
Here’s Melissa Etheridge with Truth of the Heart. 

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