Getting real; staying clear


Spending time in Silence reoriented me. It felt awkward to talk again, and I noticed that people talked at me, and not to me. I watched, and I listened. But I no longer felt like I am waiting to speak while I listen. I feel kinder, and present to the world. I am observing things now, not compulsively evaluating them. Years ago, I would have thought this way of being was aloof, but it isn’t. I’m connected, and abiding. The trick is to stay in that consciousness when I leave “my room.’

Last night, friends gathered in a lovely home to support a program called Cultivate Kansas City, a Center for Urban Agriculture. I was drawn to a radiant and creative woman, and learned that she ran the Gibbs Road Farm. We kept gravitating to each other, talking in between introductions, and feeling like we knew each other somehow. When she spoke of her work at the Farm, she said that it made her feel powerful, and humble. Powerful because she works hard with her hands in the dirt, but able to see the fruits of her labors, literally. Humble, because the Farm is also growing farmers and community, as it hosts New Roots for Refugees programs, Community Gardens and a KCK Greenmarket. I loved that she used “powerful” and “humble” in the same sentence to describe the way she feels about her work. Feeling powerful is an act of humility, when it is lived in this way. She is participating in a living activity, helping to shape it into form.

She was my gift and example of abiding consciousness last night; radiant, fruitful living. Not just by what she was doing, but who she was being while doing it. I never know when these gems will show up, so I pay attention, and keep showing up.

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abide in the vine; no more can ye except ye abide in me.” John 15:4-7.

It’s freeing to feel connected and to watch the forms the energy takes. It’s art, not discipline. I’m ready to cultivate too.

Here’s Lorenna Mckennitt, The Two Trees and the website for Cultivate Kansas City. Check it out.


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