Getting real; staying clear


In gratitude to the women I’m blessed to sponsor.

going naked being seen

Monarch Heaven

My friend Ron Starbuck of Saint Julian Press posted this gorgeous photograph on my Facebook timeline this morning. Transformation, in all of its mystery and magnificence.

Several women I love have had losses recently, and I’ve been witness to their pain and turning. They too, are held in some mysterious form, fragile in their shedding, but strong in their becoming. That’s how I see them anyway, because I know what to look at, and I don’t do it with my eyes. Today, I am present to others in their grief and loss and fear, because I am present to my own. In presence there is power, and that power is love. Years ago, I would have wanted to shield someone from an experience; to protect myself, or them from discomfort and uncertainty. God knows, I ran from myself for many years, until that got unbearable too. Processes that look objectively painful…

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